It is easy being Green – weekly photo challenge


If we do not permit the earth to  produce  beauty and joy,  it will in the end not produce food, either.

Joseph wood krutch

Welcome to my place. Here are some of the green pictures of my place.


This lush place is in Kuthur village, Tuensang district, India. The weather, it’s extremely hot in summer and this place is known for growing  various fruits like bananas, pomegranate, pineapple, guava, grapes and even wild fruits.

And this is  also a place,  where people grow tropical hardwood tree species called teak.

People enjoy the food that is grown here, free from chemicals – allowing it to grow naturally, without using any pesticides. The local rice of different varieties are also grown here.

Weekly photo  challenge  : It IS Easy Being Green!

The place where I breathe fresh air –  free from pollution. Green is healthy!

Save the beauty of the earth.  Go green!