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This day is an incredible day for me.I just thought I’d share with you all because you are the reason for this happiness. The Life crossroads  have hit 100 followers this morning and I don’t know how much I should thank you all for this amazing journey.
Thank you everyone for following Life crossroads’ blog. And all the beautiful comments and likes. I don’t tell you how I feel in the comment section but I would like to say that you cheer my days and keep me smiling whole day because of the appreciation and love I get from you.

I am learning all the unexplored and wisdom words from you. Now, you all are like a family to me. 
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In a field of flowers, 

Adorned by beauty 

Of bright colors 

And beautiful blooms.

A misty view ahead;

Blear in her vision.

With implicit trust,

She walk ahead

To search the sunbeam.


Letter to seniors.


Hello guys! I have been busy with some stuffs, so I couldn’t post any piece this week. I will post often, once I am done with my works, to keep up with you. This post is something different of what I usually post. It’s  a letter to my seniors.  Hope you would like to read it too. Happy reading!  ūüôā

Dear seniors,

I am writing this short letter, right after I am back from the Sunday’s service. Just a  brief letter. I may not to able to mention all the good deeds,  you have done to us. But I hope you read this small letter, on behalf of juniors.

Thank you note….

I don’t know where is your destination. Only like a traveller, we met on a journey. Thank you for stamping on  our shyness and making us comfortable enough  to a part of the family. With your sweats dripping, you ran like a horse with our documents to get us admitted. You were worried, isn’t it?

Thank you for the midnight pick- up ( First day in Gorakhpur).  Who could sacrifice his sleep just to pick up a stranger? A stranger, this much love? Heart melted with your love.

Thank you for taking care of us, like your own. And not forgetting,  you thought us to dress well. Indeed well-bred.

With heavy heart…

Only few days left, you  are changing your way. Is it the time to say goodbye? No. We will  meet again. This is your time. See and admire every little things before you go. Look at the  pictures and videos,  you have in your phone or pc. Oh, you will see all the moments  – the people you met here, the food you had here, the college pictures, all the crazy  things you did  together. You will miss these people, the college ( Even though we never admit) and the love you got from chums.

You get back home, the first morning you will wake up thinking it’s your hostel bed, only to see yourself, sleeping alone in your room. How sad. You won’t see the old friends around you often, like you see each other here. You will celebrate your birthdays with your family and other friends. No more celebrating birthdays with your old friends.

Am I too much?  (Haha)  I couldn’t help.

” Forgive us, if we have done anything wrong”.  Why? Why?

You haven’t done anything wrong. All you did was correct us and mould us. If we have anything in our hearts  about this forgiveness, then it’s  our fault. We have taken your correction in a wrong way. So, please don’t utter a word about this. We only wish good of you.

Do not dismay,

This is your way.

If you see a slippery ground,

Do not be afraid of teeny wound.

Believe in your foot.

And when you cross safely,

Tell me about your adventure

When we meet again.


 May God be with you.

God bless! ūüôā






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Before she cross the sea,

Let your bountifulness be free

To the heart of hers.

Weary is she,

Smeary with tears.

Hold her hand

And say, I am here.

Tell her, you cherish her.

Tell her,

Before she cross the sea.

Later, you may not have the chance

To say,

You love her.


via Daily Prompt: Later

The worth of your life.

 There are times, you feel inferior when the voice inside of you says, “You are low”. The voice inside of you, keep poking and confuse your thoughts when you are facing the rock – bottom. There are times, you feel worthless. You get lost, screaming out your hopeless thoughts out. 
Sometimes, do you feel your inner demons saying, ” You don’t have a reason to live anymore”.

Yes? Please! Kill this wretched thought. You are living for a purpose. If you are still breathing, I believe you have the greatest blessing. Life is a voyage of self discovery – a journey, don’t you know that? Grip the purpose in your life,  there you are,all set to go.

Look around, that corner lies a bed ridden man, wishing to live his life and do good to others and leave – realizing the value of his life.

Do you look at your chums and ask yourself,  ” why do I not possess what they have? ” You say,  life is unfair, reminding constantly of your struggles.
Stop it! You are insulting yourself. You are comparing yourself to others. You have your own share and role to play. You have something, that they don’t have.

When you are facing the rock – bottom,  I know, this doesn’t make sense. But considering your life is very much needed. Try coping with your emotions. This is a test!

Keep hope, faith and most importantly, believe in yourself.

The sun will rise and brighten the dark.

I am sure, if you accept who you are – accepting all your flaws, you will be the happiest person. The trials,  you will face with courage and you will always wear the smile.

The part of my life.

I had a good chum. We played, we laughed and we always had a cordial relationship. Until one morning, I stood dumbstruck  – couldn’t even utter a single word, when I heard, she took her life herself.  That day, I was clothed in tears and sadness over  filled my day. I couldn’t see anything, it was the darkest day.

I miss her, till this day. I could see her blooming face – that young girl, always  cheerful. But only to leave us soon.

See, you gain nothing, when you allow your space with such thoughts. You have seeds of greatness, inside of you. Try to bloom it beautifully, instead of comparing other’s bloom. You have your own color. You are beautiful  in your own way. You are one of the most valuable creation. You have gifts and talents. Don’t  allow it to get rusted. Let it shine!

The next time you fight against these emotions, tell yourself that you are awesome – the perfect piece.

Ps : Today, I am turning twenty one. Such a blessing! In  twenty one years of journey, I have seen the real darkness and I have also seen the true blessings as well. There are  stones – small and big, that tries to make me stumble but considering all these, I love my life. I am living the best, no matter  what trials comes my way. I am thankful for all the “Yes” and ” No ” in my life.

Thank you for reading!   ūüôā

It is easy being Green – weekly photo challenge


If we do not permit the earth to  produce  beauty and joy,  it will in the end not produce food, either.

Joseph wood krutch

Welcome to my place. Here are some of the green pictures of my place.


This lush place is in Kuthur village, Tuensang district, India. The weather, it’s extremely hot in summer and this place is known for growing¬† various fruits like bananas, pomegranate, pineapple, guava, grapes and even wild fruits.

And this is  also a place,  where people grow tropical hardwood tree species called teak.

People enjoy the food that is grown here, free from chemicals – allowing it to grow naturally, without using any pesticides. The local rice of different varieties are also grown here.

Weekly photo  challenge  : It IS Easy Being Green!

The place where I breathe fresh air Р free from pollution. Green is healthy!

Save the beauty of the earth.  Go green!

Weekly photo challenge – Dz√ľkou valley ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

Dz√ľkou valley is located  at the border of the states of Nagaland and Manipur,the north east of India, situated at an altitude of 2452m above the sea level. Every season, you get to see a wide range of flowers here. Paradise!‚Äč You will never want to go back home. It’s a treat to one who is in love with nature. This enchanted valley with leave you breathless with it’s proficlic nature bliss, you get to witness the beautiful landscapes.

Trekking to Dz√ľkou valley starts from two routes. One from Jakhama and other route from Viswema village in Nagaland.

If you happen to visit Kohima – capital of Nagaland, take a shared cab from there  to Jakhama, few kilometers away.It’s cheap! Taking Jakhama route will take your time around 5 hours to reach the valley.

You can reach the destination from Viswema village too. Prefer this route when you are not in mood to trek.

Weekly photo challenge : Atop

Woman at her best

How do you describe woman? So many of us will describe in a different way with unique thoughts. In a blink what comes to your mind when I say woman? Long hair and smooth polished nails?

Women are beautiful in their own way. She measures thoughts and captivates the things that are going on her mind because she knew that she didn’t want that thoughts to push her around. She faces challenges and difficulties in her life but she always do her best to focus on who she is and the truth that lives inside of her. She doesn’t let others define who she is and she watches out  her steps well. She do her best to keep smiling.

She is beautiful. Look at her smile, do you just feel good with no reasons?

Sometimes women complains for being fat, skinny, shapeless and the acne that they have on their face. She makes a mountain on her bed with clothes, taken out from her wardrobe still she doesn’t finds anything to wear.She could miss an event or party just because she didn’t have the perfect match to wear.She wants to look beautiful in everyway. She is sensitive and cries for the silliest things that pinches her. Isn’t she emotional? As much as it is, she is smooth and beautiful at heart. She can heal the scars that you have now and she can change the direction of your life.

Dedicated to all the women.

Happy woman’s day!

Popping the bubble.

Often times, the broken knots and specks in the family is a sting or prick, so painful that we try escaping our path.

My younger brother enjoys his own rule in our family.Sometimes, I asks mom,”why don’t you hit him hard?” She calmly responds, “He is young and sensitive, he only understands the love language”.Bang! I closes the door, grinds my teeth, swallows my anger only to continue this journey.

You see the consequences right there, all the signs but ignorance is in good terms.Isn’t it? (Haha)

You know it, it’s not easy for your family to bear the things that you do which they don’t appreciate and approve. Learning to discipline yourself and respecting people comes in good terms when it comes not only  to  family but even for the society.

Financial crisis is also the challenge in a path that tends to destroy the family but this can be avoided by effective family planning and raising childrens in a way we tame our pets. It could be of help to eliminate the specks though there are innumerable contributors. But starting every little thing counts and all you do now is for the coming way whether sweet or sour.

Consider yourself a foundation of the structure. Let’s not pop the bubble.

Victim card -How do you save yourself?

Are you being played? You have the obvious answer. Once in your journey, somewhere, someone will give you the feeling or someone is going to.

If you are reading this, I believe you will stay till the last.

Did you ever swear off relationships? You reach the point where you no longer want to get involve in relationship, you feel neutral and you think everyone is same because of your past experience.

Or did it make you feel like you are on cloud nine? Oh wait! You are blind folded and you can’t figure out the sweet and sour. You tend to see only good things in your partner until you are being cheated.

You say”Even if the world is against us,I won’t care”, why? The world sees what you can’t see, being a glutton for punishment is always sour, you know it.

How you save yourself from being torn into pieces?

Playing the blame game in social media is in trends these days but the truth is nobody is to blame but yourself.

1. Know your card

Hey dear, sometimes you feel for someone as fast as lightning, just in a blink.You know what Iam talking about exactly. You can’t fall in love in a week, not necessarily in a month, it is infatuation. Sometimes you find out you never really knew them in the first place. When you allow yourself to slow down,you tend to know them well and you save yourself from being a victim. Be wise in choosing your card. Take it slow! You may save yourself from being a target.

2.Give and take game

Iam not talking about the branded shoes, clothes, perfumes or any gifts you exchange. You know exactly what I mean, stay true and loyal as much as you wanted them to be. When you are not stable you can’t  expect positive things from your partner. Drop the game! Life is a roller-coaster.


Do you keep some for yourself ? Cut the limits and start sharing how you feel, what you expect and what you don’t like, your partner may understand you this way and empathize with you.

4.Firm belief

You know that nobody exists like you.I mean, just because you got knock down by some wrong person, it doesn’t mean everyone is a cheater. Believing in your partner is a strength.


Sometimes it is healthy to spend time apart. Figure out yourself and be independent in every possible ways. I don’t like needy boyfriend or girlfriend, do you ?

You may think it’s cliche but trusting your gut is very important. Negative and positive things pops up in your head now, who will win ?The  answer is there right in your head and the way you tackle things.

6.Love yourself

Life is a voyage of self discovering. You may think loving yourself is selfish but what I mean is having a deep appreciation for yourself. Believe in yourself and never give excessive of yourself to others, it may make as if your heart got tossed into a big, black abyss.

7.Warm it up

Do not let your connection become cold. Always remind your partner how much you love them. Nomatter, how busy you are, always extract the time out for your partner. Light it up!

And most important, when you are in God’s line no one can break your bond. Is it cliche? No! This is true.