25 hours on a train.

A random view from a window.

With much excitement, I packed my stuffs to get back home. Nine months being away from home was a hard time. I had to travel 1436 miles by rail to reach home. We expected the train to arrive sooner but it got delayed by some minutes. 

There the train arrived and I stepped in with my giant – size luggage along with my friends. Searched for our seats and settled down.

I didn’t had anything to do. I thought of doing something productive by reading books which I had them in my bag but I couldn’t because of some circumstances.

I slept the whole day and night. I woke up only for lunch and dinner. The night was cold because we were in the AC compartment. I couldn’t sleep peacefully because I had to hear all the noises and I was also feeling hungry. The food that we got there was not at all tasty. It just made me feel more hungry. (Haha)

  Then, I saw a beautiful sunrise. We reached our destination and  we were very elated.

We boarded. I saw my mom waiting, to pick me up. Words couldn’t describe how happy I was to see my mom after nine months. We greeted each other with a smile – a smile of joy.

As she was taking me home, on the half way, I realized that I had exchanged my luggage with someone else. I was so worried thinking if I could ever get my luggage back if it’s taken by some unknown people. So, I had to open the luggage to check whose luggage it actually was. It was one of my junior’s luggage. I didn’t had his number to rang up. There again, I had to call every friend to ask them his number. 

With much difficulty, I got his number but couldn’t reached. What a day. After few hours, he rang me up. We met and we got our luggages back. 

Though the day started this way, I had a good day with my family.  


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