Liebster Blog Award

I have been nominated this Liebster Blog Award by an incredible blogger Adashofjhaee. She writes beautiful pieces, please visit her blog.

The rules of this award:

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.

3. Give 11 random facts about yourself. 

4. Nominate 11 blogs.

5. Notify those blogs of the nominations.

6. Give them 11 questions to answer. 

11 random facts about me

1. I love flowers.

2. I am impulsive, that’s what I don’t like about me. I am trying to change though.

3. I am doing in my third year. 
4.  I am emotional, I cry and laugh easily. 
5. I have a good friend who never gives up on me.

6. I am scared of dogs.

7. I don’t like rain.

8. I am thin, I never get fat though I eat more than anyone.

9.I don’t like biscuits. 
10. I like to eat noodles. 
11. I never get sick easily. 

Questions asked by Adashofjhaee and my answers :

1. Who own stark industries? 

Anthony Edward

2. Who is the superhero that is adopted by a couple in Kansas?


3. Who do you find more helpful Alexa or Siri?

I think, I would say Siri.

4. Where do you feel safe and loved?

Since I am very close to my dad, I would say I feel safe and loved in my dad’s arms.

5. Disney movie to this Disney song “A Whole New World” ?


6. Disney movie to this Disney song “Hakuna Matata” ?

The Lion King, I love the characters, the song and the movie. 

7. Disney movie to this Disney song “Colors of the wind” ?


8. If you started spelling out numbers (one, two, three and so on) how far would you have to go until you find letter A?

A thousand 

9. What building has the most stories?

Library and bookstore

10. What can be swallowed but also swallow you?

Dignity,  I suppose 

11. How many phones have you broken or lost?

I have not broken any or got lost either. 

My nominees 

Light Ministry Blog

Aayush priyank

colors of my life

Life more than existence 



Naga Femme walker

Exploring the world around us

Infinite living

Zinni : Thy boulevart


11 questions to nominees. 
1. What is the meaning of your name?

2. Where do you find happiness? 

3. Where do you live? 

4. How do you deal, when you feel low?

5. Who is your role model?

6. Do you know something about hornbill festival? 

7. If there was no tomorrow for you, how do you spend this last day?

8. What will be your wish, if you were asked to make a wish? 

9. Are you active in social media?

10. What are your favorite books of all time?

11. Why do you blog?

Hope you find it fun. 
I would like to thank Adashofjhaee once again for nominating me and also for the fun questions. I enjoyed, though I am late.
 There are many blogs I love reading. Even though I didn’t mention your blog, I would say that you all have an incredible blog. I enjoy reading them. And thank you everyone for your constant love and support. 

With love ❀

Sotzla Janger 


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