100+ followers! 

Hello good people! 

I hope you are all doing good?

This day is an incredible day for me.I just thought I’d share with you all because you are the reason for this happiness. The Life crossroads  have hit 100 followers this morning and I don’t know how much I should thank you all for this amazing journey.
Thank you everyone for following Life crossroads’ blog. And all the beautiful comments and likes. I don’t tell you how I feel in the comment section but I would like to say that you cheer my days and keep me smiling whole day because of the appreciation and love I get from you.

I am learning all the unexplored and wisdom words from you. Now, you all are like a family to me. 
Thank you so much.

I would gladly accept any suggestions to make my blog even better. Yes, I will.

With much love 

Sotzla Janger. 

Happy blogging! 🙂


52 thoughts on “100+ followers! 

      1. Hi Sotzla, exams are most important! That’s your first priority. If your are short of time, just write something short. Even just talking about your exam and how it goes, that’s it. Show your face in the blogging community regularly, that’s how you get more followers!

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