Letter to seniors.


Hello guys! I have been busy with some stuffs, so I couldn’t post any piece this week. I will post often, once I am done with my works, to keep up with you. This post is something different of what I usually post. It’s  a letter to my seniors.  Hope you would like to read it too. Happy reading!  πŸ™‚

Dear seniors,

I am writing this short letter, right after I am back from the Sunday’s service. Just a  brief letter. I may not to able to mention all the good deeds,  you have done to us. But I hope you read this small letter, on behalf of juniors.

Thank you note….

I don’t know where is your destination. Only like a traveller, we met on a journey. Thank you for stamping on  our shyness and making us comfortable enough  to a part of the family. With your sweats dripping, you ran like a horse with our documents to get us admitted. You were worried, isn’t it?

Thank you for the midnight pick- up ( First day in Gorakhpur).  Who could sacrifice his sleep just to pick up a stranger? A stranger, this much love? Heart melted with your love.

Thank you for taking care of us, like your own. And not forgetting,  you thought us to dress well. Indeed well-bred.

With heavy heart…

Only few days left, you  are changing your way. Is it the time to say goodbye? No. We will  meet again. This is your time. See and admire every little things before you go. Look at the  pictures and videos,  you have in your phone or pc. Oh, you will see all the moments  – the people you met here, the food you had here, the college pictures, all the crazy  things you did  together. You will miss these people, the college ( Even though we never admit) and the love you got from chums.

You get back home, the first morning you will wake up thinking it’s your hostel bed, only to see yourself, sleeping alone in your room. How sad. You won’t see the old friends around you often, like you see each other here. You will celebrate your birthdays with your family and other friends. No more celebrating birthdays with your old friends.

Am I too much?  (Haha)  I couldn’t help.

” Forgive us, if we have done anything wrong”.  Why? Why?

You haven’t done anything wrong. All you did was correct us and mould us. If we have anything in our hearts  about this forgiveness, then it’s  our fault. We have taken your correction in a wrong way. So, please don’t utter a word about this. We only wish good of you.

Do not dismay,

This is your way.

If you see a slippery ground,

Do not be afraid of teeny wound.

Believe in your foot.

And when you cross safely,

Tell me about your adventure

When we meet again.


 May God be with you.

God bless! πŸ™‚






25 thoughts on “Letter to seniors.

  1. Thank you for this fine letter and the thoughts…you honor us and that’s a Godly thing! I hope you will stop in at my website again soon.


    Liked by 1 person

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