The worth of your life.

 There are times, you feel inferior when the voice inside of you says, “You are low”. The voice inside of you, keep poking and confuse your thoughts when you are facing the rock – bottom. There are times, you feel worthless. You get lost, screaming out your hopeless thoughts out. 
Sometimes, do you feel your inner demons saying, ” You don’t have a reason to live anymore”.

Yes? Please! Kill this wretched thought. You are living for a purpose. If you are still breathing, I believe you have the greatest blessing. Life is a voyage of self discovery – a journey, don’t you know that? Grip the purpose in your life,  there you are,all set to go.

Look around, that corner lies a bed ridden man, wishing to live his life and do good to others and leave – realizing the value of his life.

Do you look at your chums and ask yourself,  ” why do I not possess what they have? ” You say,  life is unfair, reminding constantly of your struggles.
Stop it! You are insulting yourself. You are comparing yourself to others. You have your own share and role to play. You have something, that they don’t have.

When you are facing the rock – bottom,  I know, this doesn’t make sense. But considering your life is very much needed. Try coping with your emotions. This is a test!

Keep hope, faith and most importantly, believe in yourself.

The sun will rise and brighten the dark.

I am sure, if you accept who you are – accepting all your flaws, you will be the happiest person. The trials,  you will face with courage and you will always wear the smile.

The part of my life.

I had a good chum. We played, we laughed and we always had a cordial relationship. Until one morning, I stood dumbstruck  – couldn’t even utter a single word, when I heard, she took her life herself.  That day, I was clothed in tears and sadness over  filled my day. I couldn’t see anything, it was the darkest day.

I miss her, till this day. I could see her blooming face – that young girl, always  cheerful. But only to leave us soon.

See, you gain nothing, when you allow your space with such thoughts. You have seeds of greatness, inside of you. Try to bloom it beautifully, instead of comparing other’s bloom. You have your own color. You are beautiful  in your own way. You are one of the most valuable creation. You have gifts and talents. Don’t  allow it to get rusted. Let it shine!

The next time you fight against these emotions, tell yourself that you are awesome – the perfect piece.

Ps : Today, I am turning twenty one. Such a blessing! In  twenty one years of journey, I have seen the real darkness and I have also seen the true blessings as well. There are  stones – small and big, that tries to make me stumble but considering all these, I love my life. I am living the best, no matter  what trials comes my way. I am thankful for all the “Yes” and ” No ” in my life.

Thank you for reading!   πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “The worth of your life.

    1. Life is all about finding a purpose. Accepting and making the journey colorful even though there are trials in every step. Thank you for reading and also for the beautiful words and wishes.
      I wish you a bright future too. Stay in touch! 😊

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