Weekly photo challenge – Dzükou valley                              

Dzükou valley is located  at the border of the states of Nagaland and Manipur,the north east of India, situated at an altitude of 2452m above the sea level. Every season, you get to see a wide range of flowers here. Paradise!​ You will never want to go back home. It’s a treat to one who is in love with nature. This enchanted valley with leave you breathless with it’s proficlic nature bliss, you get to witness the beautiful landscapes.

Trekking to Dzükou valley starts from two routes. One from Jakhama and other route from Viswema village in Nagaland.

If you happen to visit Kohima – capital of Nagaland, take a shared cab from there  to Jakhama, few kilometers away.It’s cheap! Taking Jakhama route will take your time around 5 hours to reach the valley.

You can reach the destination from Viswema village too. Prefer this route when you are not in mood to trek.

Weekly photo challenge : Atop


30 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – Dzükou valley                              

      1. The vegetation of the area can be briefly described as temperate to sub- alpine.
        Keeping aside this, the best part is the cold streams that flow through the valley and the lillies, euphorbias and numerous botanical species transforms the valley into a beautiful carpet. 😊

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