Woman at her best

How do you describe woman? So many of us will describe in a different way with unique thoughts. In a blink what comes to your mind when I say woman? Long hair and smooth polished nails?

Women are beautiful in their own way. She measures thoughts and captivates the things that are going on her mind because she knew that she didn’t want that thoughts to push her around. She faces challenges and difficulties in her life but she always do her best to focus on who she is and the truth that lives inside of her. She doesn’t let others define who she is and she watches out  her steps well. She do her best to keep smiling.

She is beautiful. Look at her smile, do you just feel good with no reasons?

Sometimes women complains for being fat, skinny, shapeless and the acne that they have on their face. She makes a mountain on her bed with clothes, taken out from her wardrobe still she doesn’t finds anything to wear.She could miss an event or party just because she didn’t have the perfect match to wear.She wants to look beautiful in everyway. She is sensitive and cries for the silliest things that pinches her. Isn’t she emotional? As much as it is, she is smooth and beautiful at heart. She can heal the scars that you have now and she can change the direction of your life.

Dedicated to all the women.

Happy woman’s day!


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