Popping the bubble.

Often times, the broken knots and specks in the family is a sting or prick, so painful that we try escaping our path.

My younger brother enjoys his own rule in our family.Sometimes, I asks mom,”why don’t you hit him hard?” She calmly responds, “He is young and sensitive, he only understands the love language”.Bang! I closes the door, grinds my teeth, swallows my anger only to continue this journey.

You see the consequences right there, all the signs but ignorance is in good terms.Isn’t it? (Haha)

You know it, it’s not easy for your family to bear the things that you do which they don’t appreciate and approve. Learning to discipline yourself and respecting people comes in good terms when it comes not only  to  family but even for the society.

Financial crisis is also the challenge in a path that tends to destroy the family but this can be avoided by effective family planning and raising childrens in a way we tame our pets. It could be of help to eliminate the specks though there are innumerable contributors. But starting every little thing counts and all you do now is for the coming way whether sweet or sour.

Consider yourself a foundation of the structure. Let’s not pop the bubble.


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