Victim card -How do you save yourself?

Are you being played? You have the obvious answer. Once in your journey, somewhere, someone will give you the feeling or someone is going to.

If you are reading this, I believe you will stay till the last.

Did you ever swear off relationships? You reach the point where you no longer want to get involve in relationship, you feel neutral and you think everyone is same because of your past experience.

Or did it make you feel like you are on cloud nine? Oh wait! You are blind folded and you can’t figure out the sweet and sour. You tend to see only good things in your partner until you are being cheated.

You say”Even if the world is against us,I won’t care”, why? The world sees what you can’t see, being a glutton for punishment is always sour, you know it.

How you save yourself from being torn into pieces?

Playing the blame game in social media is in trends these days but the truth is nobody is to blame but yourself.

1. Know your card

Hey dear, sometimes you feel for someone as fast as lightning, just in a blink.You know what Iam talking about exactly. You can’t fall in love in a week, not necessarily in a month, it is infatuation. Sometimes you find out you never really knew them in the first place. When you allow yourself to slow down,you tend to know them well and you save yourself from being a victim. Be wise in choosing your card. Take it slow! You may save yourself from being a target.

2.Give and take game

Iam not talking about the branded shoes, clothes, perfumes or any gifts you exchange. You know exactly what I mean, stay true and loyal as much as you wanted them to be. When you are not stable you can’t  expect positive things from your partner. Drop the game! Life is a roller-coaster.


Do you keep some for yourself ? Cut the limits and start sharing how you feel, what you expect and what you don’t like, your partner may understand you this way and empathize with you.

4.Firm belief

You know that nobody exists like you.I mean, just because you got knock down by some wrong person, it doesn’t mean everyone is a cheater. Believing in your partner is a strength.


Sometimes it is healthy to spend time apart. Figure out yourself and be independent in every possible ways. I don’t like needy boyfriend or girlfriend, do you ?

You may think it’s cliche but trusting your gut is very important. Negative and positive things pops up in your head now, who will win ?The  answer is there right in your head and the way you tackle things.

6.Love yourself

Life is a voyage of self discovering. You may think loving yourself is selfish but what I mean is having a deep appreciation for yourself. Believe in yourself and never give excessive of yourself to others, it may make as if your heart got tossed into a big, black abyss.

7.Warm it up

Do not let your connection become cold. Always remind your partner how much you love them. Nomatter, how busy you are, always extract the time out for your partner. Light it up!

And most important, when you are in God’s line no one can break your bond. Is it cliche? No! This is true.


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