Nainital-The Queen of lakes

The city is a paradise for nature lovers.I just had few hours to see the beauty of this city , in this few hours I discover innumerable beauties of Nainital.

Location-The city is located in the kumaon region in the state of Uttarakhand ,currently Uttaranchal.

This paradise lures a number of foreign tourists.The most captivating aspect about Nainital is it’s poised lake and hilly surroundings.

First we visited Naini lake famously known as Nainital lake.The view is so beautiful and I just got lost in it’s beauty.This lake is situated in the heart of Nainital.The lake becomes more beautiful and mesmerizing at night.The reflection of lights of  restaurants and hotels twinkles like a milky way , the view is breathtaking I should say.

Then visited Nainital zoo, officially named as Bharat Ratna Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo Nainital.It is the only zoo in the entire Uttaranchal state.

We got to see the endangered species like leopard, Tiger,Barking Deer, Himalaya Martin,Japanese Green ,Pea Fowl and innumerable species.I don’t remember all.

I took all my stuffs in a bag  and started off to climb the uphill which is located about 2 kilometers from Tallital bus station.It is located at an height of 2100 metres above sea level.

After the great climb ,we saw the food store near the zoo gate.Oh!We shouted”There is a food store.”

We rush to the store,bought some snacks and water and ate it to the fullest continued by exploring the zoo.The entry fee is cheap , almost all can afford.

It’s a must visit, it’s like walking in the streets of paradise.You get attracted to so many things and for the shopping, Tibetan market is a cool place.

And the best part I like about this city is there are no traffics at night.Vehicles are restricted at night,everyone walks by foot -a silent place free from noise pollution.

There are beautiful places to visit which I didn’t had  the opportunity.If I could ever get a chance to visit this place,I would certainly love to explore this city.


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