Mighty warrior

With so much feels in her eyes little did she knew where her heart belongs only to know everything fades away. She experiences the worldly pain to the depths, swallows her own tears and laughs out loud with tears in her eyes comforting herself, “It’s okay dear everything will be fine.” She endures it for long.

One fine day she said to herself “Darling? Wake up, you had enough, You are going to look well, believe in yourself. ” Then from there, she stood up like a mighty warrior with her armors on. She got back and with time she learns how to wear her sweet smile again.That gave her the good feeling ever.

No matter whatever circumstances you may be in always remember it will pass. Nothing is permanent. Instead of taking it as a challenge and a test-the great opportunity you give to yourself.

There are some greater things you are going to discover, the better you and believe that you are going to shine like a star- A person with colorful wings.



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