Popping the bubble.

Often times, the broken knots and specks in the family is a sting or prick, so painful that we try escaping our path.

My younger brother enjoys his own rule in our family.Sometimes, I asks mom,”why don’t you hit him hard?” She calmly responds, “He is young and sensitive, he only understands the love language”.Bang! I closes the door, grinds my teeth, swallows my anger only to continue this journey.

You see the consequences right there, all the signs but ignorance is in good terms.Isn’t it? (Haha)

You know it, it’s not easy for your family to bear the things that you do which they don’t appreciate and approve. Learning to discipline yourself and respecting people comes in good terms when it comes not only  to  family but even for the society.

Financial crisis is also the challenge in a path that tends to destroy the family but this can be avoided by effective family planning and raising childrens in a way we tame our pets. It could be of help to eliminate the specks though there are innumerable contributors. But starting every little thing counts and all you do now is for the coming way whether sweet or sour.

Consider yourself a foundation of the structure. Let’s not pop the bubble.

Victim card -How do you save yourself?

Are you being played? You have the obvious answer. Once in your journey, somewhere, someone will give you the feeling or someone is going to.

If you are reading this, I believe you will stay till the last.

Did you ever swear off relationships? You reach the point where you no longer want to get involve in relationship, you feel neutral and you think everyone is same because of your past experience.

Or did it make you feel like you are on cloud nine? Oh wait! You are blind folded and you can’t figure out the sweet and sour. You tend to see only good things in your partner until you are being cheated.

You say”Even if the world is against us,I won’t care”, why? The world sees what you can’t see, being a glutton for punishment is always sour, you know it.

How you save yourself from being torn into pieces?

Playing the blame game in social media is in trends these days but the truth is nobody is to blame but yourself.

1. Know your card

Hey dear, sometimes you feel for someone as fast as lightning, just in a blink.You know what Iam talking about exactly. You can’t fall in love in a week, not necessarily in a month, it is infatuation. Sometimes you find out you never really knew them in the first place. When you allow yourself to slow down,you tend to know them well and you save yourself from being a victim. Be wise in choosing your card. Take it slow! You may save yourself from being a target.

2.Give and take game

Iam not talking about the branded shoes, clothes, perfumes or any gifts you exchange. You know exactly what I mean, stay true and loyal as much as you wanted them to be. When you are not stable you can’t  expect positive things from your partner. Drop the game! Life is a roller-coaster.


Do you keep some for yourself ? Cut the limits and start sharing how you feel, what you expect and what you don’t like, your partner may understand you this way and empathize with you.

4.Firm belief

You know that nobody exists like you.I mean, just because you got knock down by some wrong person, it doesn’t mean everyone is a cheater. Believing in your partner is a strength.


Sometimes it is healthy to spend time apart. Figure out yourself and be independent in every possible ways. I don’t like needy boyfriend or girlfriend, do you ?

You may think it’s cliche but trusting your gut is very important. Negative and positive things pops up in your head now, who will win ?The  answer is there right in your head and the way you tackle things.

6.Love yourself

Life is a voyage of self discovering. You may think loving yourself is selfish but what I mean is having a deep appreciation for yourself. Believe in yourself and never give excessive of yourself to others, it may make as if your heart got tossed into a big, black abyss.

7.Warm it up

Do not let your connection become cold. Always remind your partner how much you love them. Nomatter, how busy you are, always extract the time out for your partner. Light it up!

And most important, when you are in God’s line no one can break your bond. Is it cliche? No! This is true.

Where do I find happiness?

Lovely day! What a day to talk about happiness. Oh! It’s just a good feeling. Never found true happiness? Happiness is within you dear, you just have to build it. It all starts with your positive attitude.
Try listing out where your negative thoughts as well as positive thoughts comes from.

1.Do not chew the cud
Stop ruminating! Give up and close the negative doors that is coming in your way. It might be like a strong rock, hard to move- the harsh words or the wrong deeds that had been done to you but try softening and removing that rock.Take it as a challenge to remove that rock you weren’t able to remove it.
If not, the negative doors are open and depression is likely to be a company.Stop overthinking about the past days.

2.Forgive and forget
Forgiving is a hard thing, isn’t it? Yes it’s hard and sometimes we declare, “yes I forgive” but if there is still something hanging on, it simply says it is not from the heart.Yes reminding yourself of the bad meal you had yesterday is not good for today’s meal,you may lose your appetite. Distract your thoughts and find spiritual friends-getting advices from them and involving in positive activies is a remedy to forgive and forget. When surrounded by positive people, you get true strength.

3. Stop excessive desires
Do you need it or you want it?
Get what you need not what you want. Collecting all that we want will never satisfy us. Ah! The great and more fashionable keeps on attracting us. Just look at the poor people on the streets, they don’t even have their needs. And we complain life is not fair.Why? Be happy with what you have and what you are. When you are satisfied with what you have and what you are, Iam sure you will have that good feeling.

Happiness starts with small good things you are doing right now. Maintaining cordial relationship with anyone around you is an amazing feeling. This small positive attitude will make you happy.

5.Consider your “behind the eight ball”
Unfavorable day is hard to make your day. Everyday may not be an ace day. But did you ever thought of considering it? Instead of thinking over the negatives of that situation, can you try thinking the positive sides of the situation you are facing now? It will make you feel like ” It’s for my good” thus taking it in a good way.

When you seek for true happiness, always remember seeking God is the first thing you need to do before all these.This is where your true happiness comes from.

Always smile and never give up on positive things.


Mighty warrior

 With so  much feels in her eyes little did she knew where her heart belongs only to know everything fades away. She experiences the worldly pain to the depths, swallows her own tears and laughs out loud with tears in her eyes comforting herself, “It’s okay dear everything will be fine.”She endures it for long.

                                     One fine day she said to herself “Darling? Wake up, you had enough, You are going to look well , believe in yourself.Then from there she stood up like a mighty warrior with her armors on.She got back and with time she learns how to wear her sweet smile again.That gave her the good  feeling ever.

                                               No matter whatever circumstances you may be in  always remember it will pass.Nothing is permanent.Instead taking it as a challenge and a test-the great opportunity you give to yourself.

 There is some greater things you are going to discover, the better you  and believe that you are going to shine like a star- A person with colorful wings.